Song of the Week: Lead single “Too Much To Think” off upcoming new album Mosaic by 311

“Too Much To Think” was released on March 9th, 2017 as the 1st single off of Mosaic, the 12th studio album by 311

311 is back in 2017 with a new album Mosaic currently scheduled for a summer release. The new album can be pre-ordered on PledgeMusic that gets you some pretty cool extras.

Their last album Stereolithic was released back on 311 day back in 2014. The band self-released this album via 311 records.

“Too Much To Think” is a strong lead single which should appease fans of old and new 311. I anticipate a more rocking 2nd single though.

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How do I keep it?
How do I keep it here?

‘Cause I wanna get high
But you’re keeping me low
I don’t got time to waste or time to kill
I’ve had too much to think
I wanna get high
But you’re taking me down down down
Don’t got time to waste or time to kill
I’ve had too much to think

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