GHOST band 2022 Music Trajectory

Song of the Week: “Hunter’s Moon” by Ghost – Week of 10/4/2021

Ghost returns with new music for the Halloween Kills soundtrack. “Hunter’s Moon” is everything you want in a Ghost song and should quench fans a bit before the new album arrives. Speaking of, don’t believe there is a release date yet but imagine it’s sometime in the first half of ’22.

The band’s last album was 2018’s stellar Prequelle featuring the singles and discography standouts “Dance Macabre” and “Rats”. We also got a 2-song single Seven Inches of Satanic Panic in 2019 featuring “Kiss the Go-Goat” and “Mary on a Cross”. It seems Tobias Forge and Co. are in zenith. Let’s enjoy, shall we?

Ghost hails from Sweden and currently sits on 4 studio albums. The band will be touring the US with Volbeat January – March, 2022.

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Ghost Hunters Moon 2021 Music Trajectory

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