Song of the Week: Feist delivers strong 2nd single “Century” off upcoming new album

Hey Feist fans, which of these two first singles do you like more? Sound off in the comments section or tweet me @MusicTrajectory

I was a bit bored by lead single “Pleasure” but I thought it was cool the lead single was also the name of the upcoming album, which happens to be due out on 4/28 via Universal Records. Pleasure will be Feist’s 5th studio album.

“Century” is a bit more upbeat and spunky and reminds me of some of the songs of 2nd album The Reminder, most notably album standout “I Feel It All”.

I liked “Century” so much, I believe its the Song of the Week up against the rest of the competition: Featured 5 and all other new singles released this week.

Purchase “Century” on Amazon here and a small commission will be paid to me which helps me keep this site up.

Someone who will lead you to someone
Who will lead you to someone
Who will lead you to the one
At the end of the century

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