“So Cold” by Further Seems Forever – The Song of the Week for 10/1/2012

“So Cold” by Further Seems Forever is the 1st single off the 4th studio album Penny Black via Rise Records

Genre: Christian Rock, Emo, Indie Rock

Chris Carrabba is back in the band and they have got what is probably the best song they have ever recorded in “So Cold”. I am predicting this song puts Further Seems Forever on the proverbial ‘map’. If the new album Penny Black has more hits like this song, look for some huge album sales!

Penny Black is due out October 23, 2012 via Rise Records.

“You find a path to me
From an unwelcomed place
You kept the copy key
Between the skin and lace

To find another
To take me down again
To fix another rule
To try it hard and true
To let it go this long
To point it back to you”

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