Potugal. The Man ‘Endangered Song (Sumatran Tiger)’ – The Song of the Week for 5/5/2014

Released April 2014, “Endangered Song (Sumatran Tiger)” is a song and project by Portugal. The Man to raise awareness, to say the least…

You won’t find an official digital edition of “Endangered Song (Sumatran Tiger)” on Spotify, Rdio, Soundcloud or any other similar site because there is no digital version of the song in existence. But that’s the point! The song was produced on a limited number of vinyl records (400 to be exact) and the idea is to share and reproduce the song or it will become extinct and its all part of a special project to raise awareness for the near-extinct Sumatran Tiger.

Since the song’s release in early April, there are ways to find the song around the web but only because people are sharing the song in unique ways. Feel free to do the same and share this post with your friends! After all, Portugal. The Man is an incredible band (and highly underrated) and this song is one of the best releases of the year, let alone part of a philanthropic project. For more info on the project, check out the official site here.

One of the best songs written by the band? What are your thoughts on the project? Sound off in the comments section and tweet me a @MusicTrajectory

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“I was born in the warmest sunrise
Still colder than the winters of widows
When I found myself deep inside, yeah
Electric seas were the blankets that made up my bed

You don’t have to worry”


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