Paramore ‘Still Into You’ – The Song of the Week for 7/1/2013

Released March 14, 2013 via Fueled By Ramen Records, “Still Into You” is the official 2nd single off of Paramore’s 4th studio album entitled Paramore.

Genre: Power Pop, Pop Rock, New Wave

Paramore goes in a slightly different direction with their 2nd single release off of Paramore. “Still Into You” is much more upbeat and poppy compared the darker intensity of “Now”, the first single off the album. The band is also back at it with a very visually intense video.

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“Can’t count the years one hand
That we’ve been together
I need the other one to hold you.
Make you feel, make you feel better.
It’s not a walk in the park
To love each other.
But when our fingers interlock,
Can’t deny, can’t deny you’re worth it

Cause after all this time.
I’m still into you”

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