Lorde 2021 Music Trajectory

New Album of the Week: ‘Solar Power’ by LORDE | Week of 8/23/2021

Lorde went 4 years between her debut release Pure Heroine and sophomore Melodrama. She did the same leading up the release of her 3rd album Solar Power. As she has mentioned in interviews, it’s quality over quantity with her. If that’s how it’s going to be, let’s just get used to it.

Does Solar Power deliver quality? The three must hear songs below are bangers and, arguably, would land in a top-10 Lorde songs list. Beyond these three, the album might be a bit polarizing. Or, at least, needs a few listens to grow on you. What’s clear is that the album ushers in a new era for Lorde. Her sound and the songwriting have expanded once again. Let’s hope she continues her stellar songwriting partnership with Jack Antonoff, likely resulting in her next album in 2025.

Must Hear Songs

Lorde Solar Power 2021 Music Trajectory

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