2012 Year in Review and Looking Ahead

It is a good feeling to look back and see all the work that has been done here on in 2012. The look and feel of the site has solidified and the main features of the site like Song of the Week, New Music Releases, and Best of Lists have become quite popular. It has been great to see the audience of the site grow over the course of the year as well.

I have lots of plans and ideas for in 2013. My main goal of aggregating and spreading the best new music in Rock, Alternative and Indie genres will remain the forefront. I want to tighten up some of the design elements of the site, including making the Best of Lists easier to view and improving the overall site navigation. Other plans include starting an exclusive Music Trajectory Spotify account instead of linking to my personal Spotify which I currently do. This will make it easier for all the Spotify playlists found on the site to be easily and quickly viewed in one place. I would also like to open an exclusive Music Trajectory Youtube channel for similar reasons, but obviously with a focus on video playlists. Plans on a Music Trajectory Pinterest page are also in the works. With the Pinterest page, I would like to highlight the single and album artwork from the bands that get attention here on Other plans include building on the Endorsed Bands page by adding an “Alumni” section where bands that are no longer active but deserve my endorsement can be listed. And of course, I would love to continue to hammer out several best of lists, possibly working my way through all of the lists that I have planned for all the Endorsed Bands.

With that said, I would like to give a sincere thanks to all the visitors and fans of the site, as well as all the comments.

And special thanks to Kahuna Host for being such a great site host, Organic Themes for supplying me with the beloved Structure Theme, and of course WordPress for making the best CMS and web design tools in the world. will always be loyal.

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