MS MR ‘Think Of You’ – The Song of the Week for 9/2/2013

Released August 5, 2013 via Columbia Records, ‘Think of You’ is the 3rd single from the debut album Secondhand Rapture by MS MR

Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Dream Pop

MS MR. Still a little bit underground but poised for some mainstream success. They are now on their third single release from their debut album Secondhand Rapture, the prior 2 singles being released off a 4-song EP that came out before the full studio album. This seems to be a popular strategy these days and other indie bands have utilized this ‘EP-then-album’ release strategy to great success. A few bands off the top of my head that have done this in the past year/year and a half and are now pretty popular are Imagine Dragons, Capital Cities, Youngblood Hawke, Daughter, and the hugely popular The Neighbourhood. Need some more material from MS MR to figure out if you dig them or not? I would check out “Hurricane” and “Fantasy”.

See and hear potential in this band? Where do you think they go from here? Sound off in the comments section below and tweet me @MusicTrajectory

“Dark clouds follow you around
Your own worst enemy
You only picked me up to bring me down
Down, down, down, down…

I still think of you
And all the shit you put me through
And I know you were wrong
I still think of you
And all the shit you put me through
And I know now, I know you were wrong”

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