“Modern Art” by The Black Lips – The Song of the Week for 6/20/2011

“Modern Art” by The Black Lips is the 2nd single from the new album Arabia Mountain, released June 7, 2011

Genre: Garage Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Cowpunk, Surf Rock

I caught wind of The Black Lips when I was checking out for new music news. I saw Arabia Mountain was streaming in its entirety so I checked it out. I instantly liked this track and here it is the song of the week! The rest of the album is pretty killer too. A video for a really good live version can be seen here.

“You turn around and you don’t know where you’ve been
You look up at the glass dome and the room beings to spin
Let’s go out and find the ocean ’cause I think we need a swim
Turn around, start it over, let’s begin”

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