Less Than Jake ‘My Money Is On The Long Shot’ – The Song of the Week for 8/11/2014

“My Money Is On The Longshot” was released as the first single off of See The Light, the band’s 8th studio album

Less Than Jake is a band I have been following since the mid 90’s when the band was releasing (arguably) their best material with the string of 3 albums: Losing Streak, Hello Rockview, and Borders & Boundaries. These are 3 classic punk/ska records and if you are any amount of fan of the genre, definitely check them out! LTJ has continued to release albums since then of course and each one is solid but this new See The Light album is fantastic; definitely a standout among the ‘modern’ era of LTJ. It is a perfect balance of old and new, something a true fan of a band loves to hear when you like the entire discography.

There are some songs on See The Light that rank right up there with some of the best written songs of their career. These include “Bless The Cracks”, which for some reason gets me thinking it’s a sequel to “Great American Sharpshooter” off of Hello Rockview. Album opener is “Good Enough” is classic Less Than Jake song writing and “Do The Math”, which happens to be the 2nd single off the album, is in the same vein as the more reggae pop fan favorites like “The Science of Selling Yourself Short” and “The Rest of My Life”.

So if you used to the follow the band and lost touch, I highly recommend the new album – you won’t be disappointed. Now go out there and check them out live at a town near you. You know they tour all the damn time 🙂

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“We always say we want to have it bigger
We always say we want to have it better
Take a look around
Setting ourselves up to hold this down
We wait around for something better
And we always wanted something bigger
But we don’t work for it
Cause we know it’s much too big a risk”


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