Kings of Leon ‘Temple’ – The Song of the Week for 10/21/2013

Released October 15, 2013 via RCA Records, “Temple” is the official 3rd single off of Mechanical Bull, the 6th studio album by the Kings of Leon

Genre: Alternative Rock, Southern Rock

Lead single “Supersoaker” was good, a return to form if you will. 2nd single “Wait For Me” was the ballad. Now 3rd single “Temple” is the barn burner. Instantly catchy, a standout on the new album and will surely be a hit for the Kings. If an official video gets released for the song, I will post it here. Until then, enjoy the official audio and a great live performance on David Letterman. Cheers to the Kings!

Was ‘Temple’ a good choice for the 3rd single? What is next for KOL? Sound off in the comments section below and tweet me @MusicTrajectory


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