IAMDYNAMITE “Hey Girl” – The Song of the Week for 5/6/2013

Released via Brando Records, “Hey Girl” is the 4th single single off of IAMDYNAMITE’s debut album SuperMegaFantastic

Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Dance Rock, Punk Rock, Lo-Fi

Michigan rockers IAMDYNAMITE wrapped up 2012 with a hit single in “Where Will We Go” – the Song of the Week back on September 24, 2012 – and they are back in 2013 with a hit follow-up single in “Hey Girl”. Really, any song on their debut album could be a single – SuperMegaFantastic is THAT good. Gotta give this band a lot of credit, they started out super small scale. Their debut EP and subsequent 2 videos directed by Marty “Lazer” Stano got them their first real recognition and then from there their hit single releases and high-energy live shows have propelled them to the brink of breakout mainstream success. If their followup album is anywhere near as good as their debut, IAMDYNAMITE will surely be a hugely popular band.

What are your thoughts on the album and the potential for breakout success? Sound off in the comments section below!

“Anywhere we want to
Baby we will tell you
Baby if the young man knows if I was
Anybody’s askin’
Baby we would tell them
Baby if the old man knows if I was
Anywhere we want to
Baby we will tell you”

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