“I Like It” by Foxy Shazam – The Song of the Week for 4/9/2012


“I Like It” by Foxy Shazam is the lead single from The Church of Rock and Roll, the band’s 4th studio album

Genre: Glam Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop-Rock

To be honest, I am a surprised I haven’t caught wind of this band sooner. Their genre of music is one of my personal favorites. Better late than never though! So this single, “I Like It” is my first exposure to the band and now I am looking forward to seeking out some more music from them. The reviews I have read on The Church of Rock and Roll are outstanding. When I saw the video for “I Like It”, I thought to myself, “this guy reminds me of Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. Turns out, Justin Hawkins produced the album.I’m liking these guys more by the second!

“Big magic woman
Oh you got me
Under your spell
You hypnotize
Me with your hips and thighs
I wear these shades
So when I stare
No one can tell”


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