“Holy Touch” by Foxy Shazam – The Song of the Week for 8/6/2012

“Holy Touch” by Foxy Shazam is the official 2nd single from the outstanding 4th studio album The Church of Rock and Roll

Genre: Glam Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop-Rock

One of rock’s superstar-to-be bands is back with another single off the fun and fantastic The Church of Rock and Roll album. This is Foxy Shazam’s 2nd Song of the Week nod. They scored their 1st back on 4/19/2012 with “I Like It”, the 1st single from The Church of Rock and Roll.

“Heal me with your holy touch
Heal me with your holy touch, oh baby
Heal me with your holy
Kick down the door and hold me
Heal me with you holy touch”

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