“Hang It Up” by The Ting Tings – The Song of the Week for 10/31/2011


“Hang It Up” by The Ting Tings is the 1st single from Sounds From Nowheresville, scheduled for a February 24, 2012 release

Genre: Funk Rock, Dance-Punk, Rap Rock

I am brand new to this band. I first heard about them last week when I was surfing around on, a great resource for music news. I am always interested in band’s “comeback songs” or “comeback albums” and ran an article about this song being The Ting Tings’ comeback song. So I checked it out and loved it. A perfect fit for song of the week because this song is super catchy and brand new.

Sounds From Nowheresville is a much anticipated follow up to their 2008 debut album We Started Nothing that spawned 6 world-wide singles. The album went 2x Platinum in the UK and Gold in Australia. The album sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

“While looking at this again
Hard working in division
Send all the weak, can’t get to prison
I wanna write about setting something free
All the changes drives us back to see
And this is all about starting out again
Same, or same, or never same”

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