“Go Right Ahead” by The Hives – The Song of the Week for 4/16/2012

The Hives - band picture - 2012

“Go Right Ahead” by The Hives is the 1st single from the band’s upcoming 5th studio album Lex Hives

I was mild about this song at first but after a few listens I love it. Another catchy song from a band that has made a career out of making rockin’ catchy songs. Looking forward to the new album!

Lex Hives is due out June 4, 2012. “Go Right Ahead” was released April 4, 2012 as the official 1st single.

“Go right ahead
Down the streets in a ufo
Find a bull and you grab the horns
Go right ahead
Spin your head up at the day you were born”


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