Foo Fighters ‘Something From Nothing’ – The Song of the Week for 11/10/2014

Released October 16, 2014 via RCA Records, “Something From Nothing” is the 1st single off of Sonic Highways, the 8th studio album by Foo Fighters

Commonly considered the #1 band in rock/alternative music today, Foo Fighters are back with their 8th studio album Sonic Highways, the follow up the critic-and-fan acclaimed Wasting Light album. That album got them 5 Grammy Awards including Best Rock Album. The Foos have released 4 songs off of the new album as of this writing and each song is strong but will the album garner the same acclaim as its predecessor? Only time will tell. What do you think of the new material so far? Sound off in the comments section and tweet me @MusicTrajectory.

What is next for the Foos? They are currently on a South American tour, followed by a short trip to Australia. Look for the band to return to the states  in the spring for sold out shows.

“Oh sweet ignition be my fuse
You have no choice you have to choose
Bid farewell to yesterday
Say goodbye I’m on my way

But in the end we all
Come from what’s come before
So here I go…”


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