“Figure It Out” by Serj Tankian – The Song of the Week for 6/18/2012


“Figure It Out” by Serj Tankian is the official 1st single from the upcoming 3rd solo album Harakiri, set for a July 10, 2012 release

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock

Tankian recently announced that ‘System of a Down have no plans for a new album’ but late last year, drummer John Dolmayan said that a new album is ‘going to happen’. System of a Down is one of the Endorsed Bands here on Music Trajectory and I for one wish they would just get back together already. Perhaps the band just needed some time to do other things. For now, Tankian is focusing on a successful solo career and readying his 3rd solo album. I’ve heard two songs from the upcoming album and they both sound promising. Up till now I haven’t been big on Serj’s solo material, save a few songs from each album. I give him all the credit in the world, as I believe he is incredibly talented. I am definitely looking forward to hearing Harakiri once it drops.

This is Serj Tankian’s 1st Song of the Week nod.

“Freedom is raped by war like whore
Like technology, technology, technology
Technology of materialism
Personal freedom on my obstruction

Why pretend that we don’t know?
CEOs are the disease”

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