Dan Croll “From Nowhere” – The Song of the Week for 4/8/2013

Released worldwide on September 24, 2012 via Turn First / Racquet Records, “From Nowhere” is the very first single from Dan Croll

Genre: Song-songwriter, Indie, Pop, Electronic, Folk

It took some time for “From Nowhere” to become a hit but sometimes that is just the way hits happen! “From Nowhere” is a hit on alternative radio across the country and throughout Europe. You’ve got to give it up for this guy, he has released his own music on his own imprint/record label. The follow up single “Compliment Your Soul” already has a video made for it but before that becomes a hit, look for “From Nowhere” pretty much everywhere!

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“Your thrills I find
It’s not hard to be left behind
So I’ll run, you’ll hide
We know better than to stay outside
You’re cold and you’re awake
You said I should have never of stayed
But there’s no better place for me”

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