CHVRCHES ‘Lies’ – The Song of the Week for 12/30/2014

Released December 2, 2013, “Lies” is the 4th single from The Bones of What You Believe, the debut album by CHVRCHES

Genre: Electronic, Synthpop, Indie

The Scottish band CHVRCHES is scorching hot and already onto their 4th single release from their critically-acclaimed debut album The Bones of What You Believe. “Lies” stacks up nicely with other singles but what can touch their flagship single “The Mother We Share”? Speaking of that song, it ranked #4 on Music Trajectory’s Top 20 Underrated Songs of 2013 list. I personally like “Lies” more! Forget the singles, just listen to the entire album because it is incredible!

What is next for the band? Another single release? If so, which song? Tweet me @MusicTrajectory

“I can sell you lies
You can’t get enough
Make a true believer of
Anyone anyone anyone
I can call you up if I feel alone
I can feed your dirty mind
Like I know I know what you are”

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