“Big Bright World” by Garbage – The Song of the Week for 8/27/2012

“Big Bright World” is the official 2nd single from Not Your Kind of People, the fifth studio album by Garbage, released May 14, 2012 via Stunvolume

Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronic

“Big Bright World” was released as a single back on June 1, 2012 – which is actually considered ‘old’ for a Song of the Week selection – but the band just recently released a video for the track, which gave it new legs. Perhaps not as outwardly and instantly catchy as most every Song of the Week selection is but this song grows and grows; give it a chance!

The background story of this album is quite interesting, especially if you are any degree of fan of  the band. The band was coming off a 6 year hiatus, was not signed to a record label, and so the band felt they could really start from scratch. The sound of the album is very much like the their first two albums Garbage and Version 2.0 with the band saying “there’s lots of elements of things we’ve always loved: noisy guitars, big electronic beats, atmospheric film moments.”

This is Garbage’s 2nd Song of the Week nod. 1st single “Blood For Poppies” off Not Your Kind of People was Song of the Week back on the week of 4/23/2012.

“Shivers up and down my spine
Feet to the teeth
Inside this big, bright world
Inside this big, bright world
Inside this big, bright world
We rage against the dying
Rage against the dying light”

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