Athletes Who Melded Sport with Music, and Won

Usually when someone from the world of sport, film or literature tries to realize a long held dream that they have what it takes to make it in the music business, things end badly. It usually results in tone deaf warbling combined with a complete lack of instrumental talent.

However, as with everything in life, there are some rare exceptions: those annoying genetic defects who were somehow gifted not only athletically but artistically as well.

Here are some current and former sportsmen and women who managed the impossible, impressing crowds with both their athletic prowess and their musical majesty.

Both Bryan twins are pretty handy guitarists

The Bryan Brothers – Double Trouble on Court and on Stage

These twin brothers are one of the most successful tennis doubles teams ever to set foot on a court, and have taken their almost telepathic understanding from the baseline to the stage.

Bob and Mike turn up at the occasional ATP Tour event, with knowledgable sports fans grabbing the odd free bet with which to back the duo; however, they are more likely to be seen backstage these days, wowing players and fans alike with a gig or two.

A few of these sports people-turned-artists have racked up some serious record sales

Kyle Turley – An NFL Chief and a Record Studio Boss

Kyle Turley was as rough and tough as any NFL player out there, but that never meant he abandoned his love of music, which saw him form his own band as soon as he retired from gridiron.

The Kyle Turley Band and Turley’s metal act, Delta Doom, have both had varying degrees of success, but enough to warrant Turley launching his very own record label in 2006. It was, of course, called Gridiron Records and is still going strong to this day.

Bernie Williams – Big Hits on and off the Baseball Field

Bernie is and was a mega-talent, combining a two-decade stellar career with the New York Yankees with a music career that saw him in contention for a Latin Grammy.

If you don’t believe the hype, then just head online and check out his incredible jazz guitar skills.

Essence Carson – WNBA and Rap Queen

Plenty of NBA players over the years have fancied themselves as rappers, with most sounding like little puppies rather than dogs with real bite.

The same cannot be said of WNBA legend Essence Carson, whose RnB tracks have real soul and flow. Such is her love for all things musical, she has her own private music studio in her apartment.

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