Alternative Music Week In Review: 3/13/2017 through 3/19/2017

I felt like this was an interesting week in new single releases. There were quite a few singles to add to the Best New Music of 2017 playlist but of them, I had a hard time dwindling them down to the Featured 5. But wasn’t because all of them were so good, it was because none of them were that great. New Feist. Meh. New Weezer. Meh. New Incubus. Meh. The New Blink 182 song is a song that didn’t make the album. It’s clear why. I had to go with the new Cold War Kids single as the best Song of the Week because the competition was low. Maybe it’s just me. Negative Nancy this week. Meh.

By the way, I am thinking of dethroning “Starboy” with “Green Light”, if you know what I mean?!

New Single Releases

Here are the Featured 5 singles released this week.

And the rest of the best new alternative music released here in 2017: Spotify playlist

Song of the Week:

“So Tied Up” by  Cold War Kids

“So Tied Up” was released on March 16, 2017 via Capitol records as the 3rd single off of L.A. Divine, the 6th studio album by Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids had a huge hit with “First” from their last album that it seems its been a shorter wait for new material. They flow right into this next album cycle smoothly with three solid single releases, “Love Is Mystical”, “Can We Hold On?”, and now “So Tied Up”. Each have been selected as Featured 5 songs of their given release weeks. The videos for these songs can be viewed below.

The Kids collaborated with rising star Bishop Briggs for this track and the result is damn good. Look for a more blues-rock influenced album this time around.

L.A. Divine is scheduled for an April 7th, 2017 release date – just a couple weeks away, as of this writing. The “So Tied Up” single can be purchased on Amazon here.

How strong are these singles leading up to the album release? Sound off in the comments section below or tweet me @MusicTrajectory

So (so tied up)
We’ve been here before
I’m so (so tied up)
You want something more
Lover, best friend, my worst enemy
You know I won’t let you get away

Listen to all the songs chosen as Song of the Week in 2017 in the Spotify player below or in your Spotify app. Songs appear in reverse chronological order by date chosen as Song of the Week (newest songs appear on top).

New Album Releases

Here are 3 featured album releases this week. Find more new music in the Spotify player below.

  • Depeche Mode return with 14th studio album Spirit
  • Milky Chance get more creative on sophomore effort Blossom
  • Alternative rockers Spoon release their 9th studio album Hot Thoughts

New Music Videos

I keep an eye on all the music videos being released on Youtube. Lately I’ve noticed bands releasing new singles/videos on Youtube even before Spotify or iTunes. If its a great video and/or a highly anticipated song, it will be added to the playlist below. Subscribe, my friend!

New Live Videos

Raise your hand if you love watching bands perform their new singles on late night shows or other similar platforms. OK, if you raised your hand be sure to follow this feature week to week. Most late night shows only post live performances to their own websites. For those, I will post text links below. Awesome live performances posted to Youtube will be included in the playlist below. Please subscribe.

Best Song In The World

Current reigning Best Song of the World is “Starboy” by The Weeknd. For prior songs chosen, visit the BSITW page.

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