The Struts 2020 Music Trajectory

Album of the Week: ‘Strange Days’ by The Struts

Week of October 19th, 2020 Album of the Week

The Struts 3rd studio album is here. Preview 3 must-hear songs from Strange Days below. If you like their sound, you’ll likely enjoy the album. Lots of interesting collaborations on the album including Robbie Williams, Tom Morello, and Albert Hammond Jr.

Must-hear songs:

  1. “Strange Days”
  2. “Anything Hit of Showmanship”
  3. “All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go)”

The Struts hail from England and mix glam rock, hard rock, and glam metal. Their influences include Queen, The Darkness, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Def Leppard.

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