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Album of the Week: ‘Rock Out’ by Wolfmother – Week of November 22, 2021

New album Rock Out is everything you want in a Wolfmother album and competes with their 2006 epic self-titled debut as their best album. Well, for now it’s this week’s Album of the Week.

It’s a solid 10-song effort front to back. It was hard to pick but Music Trajectory goes with lead single and title track “Rock Out”, “Mantle”, and “Humble” as the three must-hear songs from the album. Check them out below and then definitely move onto the whole album. Oh, and then tap your fellow music friend on the shoulder and tell ’em the new Wolfmother album rocks!

When you think Wolfmother, you think awesome riffs to the tune of Black Sabbath and fellow Australians, AC/DC. What’s brilliant about Rock Out, besides all the catchy songs, is Andrew doubled down on bringing killer riffs. It might not be a chorus for you but the main riff on “Rock Out” is probably why it was chosen for lead single. The lead riff in “Feelin Love” is the perfect way to open the album. The album’s awkward standout “Ego” offers a great intertwining of heavy and 70s/Zeppelin/bluesy riffage. And an honorable mention of the bass intro riff on “Only Way”.

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Wolfmother Rock Out Album of the Week 2021 Music Trajectory

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