Mastodon 2021 Music Trajectory

Album of the Week: ‘Hushed and Grim’ by Mastodon – Week of 11/1/2021

Several good albums came out this week but Mastodon’s new album Hushed and Grim nabs the Album of the Week trophy this week. The new album – the band’s 8th – is an amazing double album experience which should delight fans of any album in their discography. It’s a great mix of their sound and continues to push boundaries, something the band has always been respected for. Carve out an hour and a half real soon and give it a listen front to back.

Until then, here are 3 must hear songs from the album, each of which served as singles leading up to the album release.

Mastodon starts a US tour beginning Nov 14th.

Must Hear Songs

Mastodon Hushed and Grim 2021 Music Trajectory Album of the Week

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