Album of the Week: ‘Give Me the Future’ by Bastille – Week of February 7th, 2022

Bastille band 2022 Music Trajectory

Bastille drops album number 4 this week and per usual, it’s darn good. It’s a Bastille record no doubt, but there are some new sounds that set it apart from previous albums. Those bass lines – is this album a bit funky?!

Most likely due to the pandemic, the album’s single release time frame was interesting. Lead single “Distorted Light Beam” was released way back in June of last year. 4 more singles followed, “Shut Off the Lights” finally coming out last month.

What is your take on the new album? Sound off in the comments. In the mean time, we’ve got the 3 must hear songs from this week’s Album of the Week, Give Me the Future

Must Hear Songs

Bastille Give Me the Future Album of the Week 2022 Music Trajectory

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