AFI unveil brand new song “I Hope You Suffer” from upcoming new album


Let me preface this commentary by saying I am a huge AFI fan and I have been a fan since 1998. Oh yeah, I’ve been following them for a long time now. So I can honestly say I am so excited about the release of this song! It has been a long wait for new AFI music but it is finally here. Judging by the sound of this new song, it sounds like the band has reinvented itself, but at the same time kept that classic AFI sound. Their last album Crash Love was a fine effort but I am hoping they drop that pop/glam style. I am really anxious to hear some feedback from other AFI fans.

What are your thoughts on the new song? What are your expectations on the new album? Sound off in the comments section at the very bottom of the post and tweet me @MusicTrajectory.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore, Electronic, Gothic Rock


2 Comments on “AFI unveil brand new song “I Hope You Suffer” from upcoming new album”

  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this song! Even though it is still a departure from their old punk sound I am glad to see AFI get back into darker more aggressive songwriting! Also stoked to see davey returning to more of a grating art of drowning sound at times!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. It is more of a departure from the punk sound and it sounds fresh, but there is something oddly old-AFI-ish about it. I am really excited for them – it seems like they might have a big hit on their hands! From the comments I have seen around the web, it sounds like AFI fans really dig the song. Thanks for the view and comment!

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