AFI ‘A Deep Slow Panic’ – The Song of the Week for 7/28/2014

Released June 5, 2014 via Republic Records, “A Deep Slow Panic” is the 3rd single off of Burials, the 9th studio album by AFI

I have been curious why it took so long to release this 3rd single off of Burials. Maybe the fan-made video contest slowed everything down? Pretty cool concept though and what a great feeling for Niko Aldrich to win the contest! AFI also held a contest to design the official “A Deep Slow Panic” single cover. Josh Fryer won that contest and the artwork can been seen below.

I don’t know what is next for AFI. On Burials they ‘returned to form’ so to speak but for some reason I don’t think their 10th album is coming out anytime soon, definitely not in the usual 2-year album cycle. Lead singer Davey Havok is involved in so many side projects, including a potential new movie called The Violent. Well, let’s be happy we got a really solid album in Burials. Don’t expect a 4th single (I don’t think).

What is next for AFI? And was “A Deep Slow Panic” a good choice for a single? Sound off in the comments below and tweet me @MusicTrajectory

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“I haven’t left here for days
My panic keeps me awake as he unwinds inside
He told me I should have known
That he hated the way I’d grown to love soft lies
She lied
“Do you miss her?
Like I miss you?””


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