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trajectory |trəˈjektərē|

1. a curve or surface that cuts all the curves of surfaces of a given system at a constant angle
2. the path described by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces
3. the way in which a process or event develops over a period of time
4. a chosen or taken course

music trajectory |ˈmyoōzik,trəˈjektərē|

1. the path that a person takes in discovering new and awesome music based on a preset of dynamical music tastes
2. a top notch music blog with a focus on new music from rock, alternative, and metal genres, everything in between and beyond
3. a source to explore new songs, albums, bands, and artists


First off, thank you for viewing my blog site.

However you got here (Google search, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Twitter link, etc.) I am happy you found Music Trajectory!

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Music Trajectory History

This site definitely did not start out as MusicTrajectory.com. This site grew off a humble blog I had on Blogger from January 2011 to May 2012. It was actually my very first blog (fireredchris.blogspot.com) and that started out with just a few posts about my favorite songs and favorite albums. Then I started posting “best of” lists and then got the idea of running a weekly post called Song of the Week. Before I knew it, I had a good collection of posts that were starting to get a decent amount of views. This original blog was very much an experiment and I learned a lot about blogging, writing, search engine optimization, typography, design, etc. Once the blog started getting more and more views, I knew that I would eventually have to move it off Blogger and go bigger. Blogger is great for beginner bloggers and I give Google credit for (finally) putting some time and effort into better developing it. I utilized the Dynamic Views design and some of the SEO features and saw a big jump in traffic. I just knew that I needed to go bigger and have more freedom to fully customize a site.

Moving to WordPress, Deciding on a Host, and the Birth of Music Trajectory

I have to thank my brother Jeff for inspiring me to move to WordPress. I was already familiar with WordPress.com but I wanted to test the waters with WordPress.org and self hosting. It required quite a bit of work to transfer everything over but now I am happily on WordPress and feel that this site can really spread its wings.

One of the reasons I wanted to move from Blogger to WordPress was to have my own domain name and more control over the design process. I brainstormed for about a month (I will spare the details but let me know if you want them) and came up with about 50 different site names. I finally settled on MusicTrajectory.com because the name really reflected what I want to do with this site.

The next step was deciding on a web host. During the time I was brainstorming, I was also researching web hosts to try to figure out the best host for MusicTrajectory.com. I read over a bunch of websites, blogs, and even read a few eBooks on the topic. Taking everything into account (and there is a lot of things to take into account) I went with KahunaHost. They are a newer hosting company which was an initial red flag but like all other hosts I researched them fully. Long story short, they specialize in hosting dynamic WordPress sites, have the most cutting edge hardware, and I liked their pricing structure, among other things. If you have any questions about my experience with choosing a web host or my opinion of KahunaHost, feel free to contact me.

Once I signed up with KahunaHost and registered MusicTrajectory.com with them, I started designing the site and transferred all the posts over from fireredchris.blogspot.com.

The official launch date of MusicTrajectory.com was June 1st, 2012

The Overarching Themes and Direction of Music Trajectory

The main focus is on new music and highlighting the best of Rock, Alternative, and Metal genres (and everything in between like Indie Rock, Punk, Progressive, etc.). Use Music Trajectory as a source to explore new songs, new albums, and new artists. Help Music Trajectory expand by leaving comments, voicing you opinion, and linking on social media channels!

Music Trajectory Features

Song of the Week

Every Monday I make a post that showcases a song that is new (perhaps brand spankin’ new to the web), catchy and well, awesome! There is a good chance it will be stuck in your head all week. The song chosen will most likely be from one of the genres that Music Trajectory focuses on but I aim to choose a song that has some crossover appeal. Each post contains the video, band info, some commentary, links, and pictures.

Endorsed Bands

I have a lot of favorite bands but I wanted to get a little bit more exclusive and specialized with bands that are particularly outstanding. Bands acquire my endorsement by having an awesome discography full of great songs and great albums, having a unique/interesting/respectable story about their rise to greatness, by being a great live band, and by being great musicians and creators of their own music. Currently only 15 bands are officially endorsed by me.


Have you ever gotten into a band by hearing a really good song from them and then wondered what their overall best songs were? I post “best of” lists of popular artists that satisfies this type of need. For example, if you like Rise Against, you can find a Top 20 Rise Against Songs list and a Top 10 Underrated Rise Against Songs list here on the site. Each list is ranked, well designed, easy to view, and contains a bunch of links to further the discovery process. For each list, I do my research; I look around the web at blogs and forums and factor in popularity such as the top iTunes songs and Youtube video views.


For each list I post, I make a complimentary Spotify and Youtube video playlist. That way after you view the best of list, you can watch/listen to all the songs on Spotify or Youtube!


Obviously I am a huge music fan and I definitely have my personal favorites. Believe it or not, I posted ranked lists of my 100 favorite songs and my 50 favorite albums. Curious which songs and albums made the lists?

Album Reviews

If one of my favorite bands release a new album and I have something to say about it, you better believe you will see a post about it!

Facebook & Twitter

I am big on Social Media so I wanted to do a couple special things on Social Media channels for Music Trajectory fans. On Facebook and Twitter, I developed a posting schedule so Music Trajectory fans can get a steady stream of good music selections. I also post and share music news and noteworthy items.

Monday – Song of the Week [#songoftheweek] Tuesday – Indie Rock [#indierocktuesdays] Wednesday – Alternative [#alternativewednesdays] Thursday – Rock/Hard Rock [#hardrockthursdays] Friday – Punk/Ska [#punkrockfridays] Saturday – One of my personal all-time favorites/classics [#bestsongseversaturdays] Sunday – Metal [#metalsundays]

Search the hashtag (#) on Twitter and it should display all tweets for that category/genre.

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