“Where Will We Go” by IAmDynamite – The Song of the Week for 9/24/2012

“Where Will We Go” by IAmDynamite is the 3rd Single from the debut album SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC via Brando Records

Genre: Indie Rock, Minimalist, Rock

The music Gods act in mysterious ways sometimes. So there I am listening to my local radio station last week and a song came on that I instantly loved: catchy, good beat, unique, rocking and I had know idea who it was. Unfortunately the DJ didn’t mention who it was and I was left wondering if I would ever come across this song again because I thought it had potential to be a Song of the Week selection here on MusicTrajectory. Luckily I came across the song again when I was checking one of my favorite websites, AlternativeAddition.com  for some of the latest songs to be released. I was blindly listening to some of the newer songs to be posted to the site and happened to find the song I had heard on the radio! It turned out to be “Where Will We Go” by IAmDynamite and now it is your Song of the Week. These guys are good, I definitely recommend checking out the album.

“Where will we go
I’ve got no bright idea
Where we go, I don’t know
Til the last good time
Where will we go
I’ve got no bright idea
Where we go, I don’t know
Til the last good time”

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