Week In Review: alternative music 4/17/2017 through 4/23/2017

Welcome to the Week in Review! This week was very heavy in new single releases, especially lead singles off upcoming highly anticipated new albums, namely Paramore, Rise Against, and….Danzig?! The best singles were aggregated into the weekly Featured 5 post and can be listened to below but there were several more singles definitely worth listening to! Which single was chosen as Song of the Week? Scope that section below. Continue on for new music video and live video releases. By the end of the post you will be all caught up in what happened in alternative music this week : D

New Single Releases

New music is predominantly released on Fridays via Spotify, Youtube, and other sources. As a big fan of new music, I’m a big fan of Fridays. We’re talking a mini-Christmas each week!

So, each Friday I listen to as much new music as I can and proceed to update the Best New Music in 2017 Spotify playlist.

From there, I like to pick the best five singles of the bunch and trajectory them out via the Featured 5 post. You can listen to them in the Spotify playlist below but be sure to read this week’s post for more [charming] commentary.

Which singles made your list? Post using #Featured5 to Instagram or Twitter

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Song of the Week

I don’t stop at naming the best five singles, no. I take it one more level and deem a Song of the Week. This week’s SOTW can be listened to below but you’ll definitely want to read even more [charming] commentary in the full post.


If you love the song and care to purchase it, please use the following affiliate link which helps fund this humble site:

Listen and subscribe: All songs chosen as Song of the Week in 2017 in this Spotify playlist

New Album Releases

Friday is also the day when new albums get released on Spotify and other sources. Usually there are 2-3 albums a week that standout from the rest. I like to highlight them here. Which ones got your attention? #bestnewalbums

Listen and subscribe: I aggregate all the best new albums released in 2017 in this Spotify playlist

New Music Videos

Bands tend to release new music videos and lyric videos to Youtube mid-week, typically Wednesday. Music Trajectory keeps an eye on all the activity and puts the best ones the video playlist below:

New Live Videos

Fancy live performances? Music Trajectory also keeps an eye on all the new live videos released on Youtube and adds the best into the video playlist below. Other recommended live videos are posted as text links below:

Best Song In The World

Sometimes a song comes along that is so damn good, it needs to be recognized for just how awesome it is. A song is deemed #BSITW until another one comes along and dethrones it.

Current reigning Best Song of the World is “Green Light” by Lorde

For prior songs chosen, visit the BSITW page here

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