Portugal. The Man “Atomic Man” – The Song of the Week for 7/22/2013

Released in May via Atlantic Records, ” Atomic Man” is one of 3 singles released from Evil Friends, the 7th studio album by Portugal. The Man

Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Progressive Rock

Which producer can an up-and-coming band recruit to have a sure-fire way of breaking into the mainstream? Danger Mouse of course! Danger Mouse is most known for his work with Gnarls Barkley, Jack White, and Broken Bells, and for producing award winning albums for bands like the Gorillaz, The Black Keys, and Norah Jones. The seventh full length from Portugal. The Man is graced with his presence and is the best charting album for the band to date. The band has released videos for pretty much every song on the album, making their Youtube Channel a pretty fun watch. Talk about a hard working band!

Can Portgual. The Man break into the mainstream with this record? Will it take another solid followup album? Sound off in the comments section below and tweet me @musictrajectory.

“Follow down to the red bouncing ball
as you bounce round the galaxy came back to us all
A little bit of nerve and the outer space
its gotta destroy before it creates

After you I don’t know what I believe in
After you, hell should be easy
After you I don’t know what I believe in
After you, hell will be easier”

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