Death Cab For Cutie ‘Black Sun’ – The Song of the Week for 2/2/2015

Released January 26, 2015 via Atlantic Records, “Black Sun” is the lead single off of Kintsugi, the 8th studio album by Death Cab For Cutie

Hold everything folks. Drop what you are doing. Indie rock sweethearts Death Cab For Cutie are back with new music. Early this week “Black Sun” was released as the lead single for the upcoming 8th studio album Kintsugi and is the first music from the band since 2011’s Codes and Keys album. Unfaltering fan of lead singer Ben Gibbard? You got some new stuff in 2013 when his side project The Postal Service released the 10th anniversary edition of their one and only album Give Up which included two new songs “Turn Around” and single/video for “A Tattered Line of String”.

“Black Sun” is solid and one of the best singles released in 2015 so far. Add it to Music Trajectory’s Spotify playlist – Best New Music of 2015. Check out a recent live performance of the song on The Late Show With David Letterman below.

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