Broken Bells ‘Holding On For Life’ – The Song of the Week for 11/18/2013

Released 11/4/2013 via Columbia Records, “Holding On For Life” is the lead single off After the Disco, the 2nd album by Broken Bells

Genre: Indie Rock, Space Rock, Alternative Rock

The fantastic duo of James Mercer and Danger Mouse known collectively as Broken Bells are back with their second full album release After the Disco, due out January 14, 2014. While we still have a while to wait for the album, the band has unveiled the lead single from the album, “Holding On For Life”, seen and heard above. This is a song that will grow on you, if you don’t find it incredibly catchy right to begin with. This song is so good in fact, it is the Song of the Week this week! Add it to the list boys!

Will “Holding On For Life” be as successful as any of the 5 singles released from their self-titled freshman effort? What can we expect from the upcoming new album? Sound off in the comments section below or tweet me @MusicTrajectory

“Girl, take a seat
Rest your weary bones
Your secret’s safe in my hands
Tell me ’bout the years
And let me buy an hour
Maybe help me to understand

Ain’t nobody calling
Ain’t nobody home
What a lovely day to be lonely”




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