Brandon Flowers ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ – The Song of the Week for April 6, 2015

Released March 23, 2015 via Island Records, ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ is the lead single off of The Desired Effect, the 2nd studio album by Brandon Flowers

It is hard to believe it has already been 5 years since Brandon Flower’s first studio album Flamingo came out. That album was headed by lead single “Crossfire” which, if you ask me, is by far the stronger song compared to “Can’t Deny My Love”, taped as the lead single for 2nd studio album, the forthcoming The Desired Effect. Comparing songs aside, what I can’t seem to get is the direction of the album, and Brandon Flowers himself for that matter. I am a huge fan of his solo work – and an even bigger Killers fan – but I am a bit perplexed on where he is going. Look at the single and album artwork (below), the promo photos of Brandon, the video for the song (above), and all the teaser videos. Looks and sounds like so many different styles. No cohesiveness. But maybe that’s the point?

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