“Anxiety” by Angels & Airwaves – The Song of the Week for 11/14/2011

Angels & Airwaves - band picture - 2011

“Anxiety” by Angles & Airwaves is the official 1st single from Love: Part Two, released on November 1, 2011

Genre: Alternative Rock, Space Rock, Progressive Rock, Art Rock

Angels & Airwaves have always been on my radar – since I am a big Blink 182 fan – but none of their prior material has interested me all that much. I really like what I am hearing from the new album Love: Part II and last year’s release Love. After a couple listens of “Anxiety”, I was hooked.

A ‘risky’ pick for Song of the Week because I think people either love or hate Tom’s voice and any material from Blink 182 or Angels and Airwaves. My goal with the song of the week is to pick a song that most will enjoy, even though music is usually a subjective interest. I have a lot of respect for Angels & Airwaves as a band, regardless of what I think of their music or talent overall. I think they are producing music that is experimental and different. I also give Tom a lot of credit for the amount of work he has done in the last couple years; two Angels & Airwaves albums, the feature film Love which was produced and scored by the band, and a new Blink 182 album Neighborhoods that was released back in September, not to mention all the touring and media support of all the projects.

That being said, I hope “Anxiety” is enjoyed by whoever comes across this post. 

“Don’t pressure us, anxiety
I’m a passenger
So serious, anxiety
Just a passenger”

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