Album Review: Metric – ‘Synthetica’


Metric – ‘Synthetica’

Record Label: Metric Music International
Produced By: Metric
Released On: June 12, 2012

Music Trajectory Rating: 4.5/5

Nearly a masterpiece of an indie rock/pop record and definitely one of the best albums of 2012 so far

Metric’s last album, 2009’s Fantasies was fantastic. It catapulted them to one of the most popular alternative/indie rock bands in the world. It was the first album where Metric seemed to find their sound, their niche. It was definitely their ‘breakthrough’ album. Synthetica is even better.

The album name ‘Synthetica’ alludes to the album being very synth heavy – which it is – but never does it seem too heavy. When experiencing the album, Synthetica seems more like a place where you go to escape; this magical, mythical place where you zone out…or is it a place where you hyper-experience reality? Each song flows into the next, no two songs sounding the same and never does the album’s energy dip too long without being picked right back up with an upbeat riff or drum beat. The songs are perfectly crafted and the instruments are perfectly synchronized. Emily Haines showcased her ability to write thought provoking and heartfelt lyrics on Fantasies and she continues that showcase on Synthetica.

I honestly can’t say enough about the album. I am truly impressed and very happy for the band. They got to self-produce the album and they are only going to become more popular and sell more records as a result of this near masterpiece of an indie rock/pop record.

Best 3 Songs on the Album:

“Youth Without Youth” (track 2)
“Breathing Underwater” (track 4)
“Artificial Nocturne” (track 1)

Other Standout Songs:

“Speed the Collapse” (track 3)
“Lost Kitten” (track 6)
“Synthetica” (track 8)

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