All Kinds of Funk

Alternative Attack

Brass Bands & New Orleans

Eclectic Eletronic

Glam Glammer Glammest

Heartland Rock

Hip Hop You Don’t Stop

Indie Only

Indie Pop

A 10+ hour playlist featuring the best songs from the Indie Pop genre. Best listened to on random

Kinda Indie, Kinda Folkie

Palatable Punk

All punk songs in this playlist are what I call ‘palatable’ for the common listener. Unfortunately this playlist excludes LOTS of great punk songs that have an edgier sound so what I recommend doing is making your own punk playlist and taking from this one what you want 😀 Best listened to on random.

Psychedelic Span

Reggae + Beats

Rock n’ Roll

Ska, Swing and Rockabilly

Soul Sounds

Southern Rock