“Figure It Out” by Serj Tankian – The Song of the Week for 6/18/2012


“Figure It Out” by Serj Tankian is the official 1st single from the upcoming 3rd solo album Harakiri, set for a July 10, 2012 release

Genre: Rock, Hard Rock

Tankian recently announced that ‘System of a Down have no plans for a new album’ but late last year, drummer John Dolmayan said that a new album is ‘going to happen’. System of a Down is one of the Endorsed Bands here on Music Trajectory and I for one wish they would just get back together already. Perhaps the band just needed some time to do other things. For now, Tankian is focusing on a successful solo career and readying his 3rd solo album. I’ve heard two songs from the upcoming album and they both sound promising. Up till now I haven’t been big on Serj’s solo material, save a few songs from each album. I give him all the credit in the world, as I believe he is incredibly talented. I am definitely looking forward to hearing Harakiri once it drops.

This is Serj Tankian’s 1st Song of the Week nod.

“Freedom is raped by war like whore
Like technology, technology, technology
Technology of materialism
Personal freedom on my obstruction

Why pretend that we don’t know?
CEOs are the disease”

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Album Review: The Hives – ‘Lex Hives’


The Hives – ‘Lex Hives’

Record Label: Disque Hives
Producer: The Hives
Released: June 5, 2012

Music Trajectory Rating: 4/5

Now rocking independent status, the Hives return with an album that is the best of old and new

Right before sitting down to write this review, I scoped out a few other published reviews, namely from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Alternative Addiction, and Metacritic (links posted below) because I was curious if what I had to say had already been said. Well, let me start off by saying that what I have to say is very different from the other reviews out there. I am going to stick to my guns on this one and write pretty much everything that I was going to write before reading other reviews.

First things first: I love The Hives and I have been following them since their breakout 2nd album Veni Vidi Vicious in 2000. They happen to be one of the Endorsed Bands here on Music Trajectory. Unfortunately, The Hives take between 3-5 years to release an album (they are like the band Tool in this way) and each release is very different from the prior release, though staying in the same garage rock/garage punk genre. My personal favorite Hives album is 2004’s Tyrannosaurushives but their most complete and experimental album is 2007’s The Black and White Album.

I figured Lex Hives was going to be a natural progression from The Black and White Album but Lex Hives is very much a throwback to their older sound. Many songs on Lex Hives remind me of songs from the debut album Barely Legal and the aforementioned Veni Vidi Vicious. I’m not exactly sure if this was intentional or not but it is common for bands to try to go back to their earlier sound, if they feel this is what the fans want or the type of sound they, as a band, want to get back to. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that the band self-produced the album after deciding not to continue on with their major label, Interscope. Either way, Lex Hives will definitely appease long time fans of the band. After listening to the record several times through, I can definitely hear elements of the “newer” Hives sound (ala The Black and White Album) as well. So really Lex Hives is a best of the old and new approach.

For me, Lex Hives is solid and I am definitely happy with it. Save lead single “Go Right Ahead”, you wont find any over-the-top-good/you-have-to-hear-this-song type of songs but you will find a record that is good from start to finish. If you are any type of fan of the band, you will be happy with this album. If you aren’t a fan of The Hives, you probably aren’t going to start now. Here is to hoping that we will see the next Hives album sooner than 2016!

Best three songs on the album:

“Go Right Ahead” (track 2)
“1000 Answers” (track 3)
“Patrolling Days” (track 6)

Other standout songs on the album:

“Take Back the Toys” (track 7)
“My Time Is Coming” (track 10)
“If I Had A Cent” (track 11)

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“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men – The Song of the Week for 6/11/2012


“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men is the 1st single from the debut album My Head Is An Animal, released April 3, 2012

Genre: Indie Folk, Indie Pop

Of Monsters and Men hails from Iceland and is currently enjoying worldwide success with this hot 1st single and debut album. The band’s first major success was being the winners of Músíktilraunir, an annual battle of the bands competition in Iceland. From there they signed a record deal and released My Head Is An Animal in Iceland back in September of 2011. Both the album and “Little Talks” went to number 1. Just a month prior, Philadelphia radio station Radio 104.5 started playing “Little Talks” which initiated their popularity here in the States. As their popularity grew, they signed to Universal for a worldwide release of the album. My Head Is An Animal was released in North America on April 3, 2012 and has peaked at number 6 in the States, the highest position ever for an Icelandic band. Awesome!

The band will be in the States for a few shows in late July/early August before heading back to Europe for more shows. Catch them while you can and definitely check out the album; it is highly recommended!

Links of Interest:

Of Monsters and Men Official Site
Of Monsters and Men Official Youtube Channel
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Of Monsters and Men Myspace Page
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My Head Is An Animal Spin.com Album Review
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Buy My Head Is An Animal on Amazon

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“Days Go By” by The Offspring – The Song of the Week for 6/4/2012


“Days Go By” by The Offspring is the comeback song and official 1st single from the upcoming album Days Go By, set for release on June 26, 2012

Genre: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

If you follow my blog, you know that The Offspring is near and dear, being the first band that I really got into way back in 1994. And what a catalyst they were to get me into music! So being that The Offspring are back with a new album, I absolutely have to give them some love and showcase their comeback song “Days Go By” as the Song of the Week here on Music Trajectory.

Honestly, I was surprised when I first heard the song. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I liked how they got back to their roots with their last album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace and the first two singles from that album had that classic Offspring sound. “Days Go By” is a great song and I see that it is doing quite well so far on charts, but I was surprised that it was chosen for the 1st single off the new album. Every 1st single from a new album that The Offspring have released have been that typical faster punk sound that made them famous.

But I digress and I wish The Offspring all the best with the single and the release of the new album. I can’t wait to hear it!

Links of Interest:

The Offspring Official Site
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