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When does new music get released?

Fridays are a big day for new music. New singles and new albums are released via major platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon on Fridays. I have noticed new music being released on Spotify and Youtube late on Thursdays as well. A music fan like me loves Thursday evenings and Friday mornings!

Each week I listen to as much new alternative music as I can and nominate 5 songs that are voted on to be named Song of the Week or the custom hashtag #Trajectory1. So if you follow Music Trajectory on social media [Instagram / Twitter / Facebook], each week I will post a link to this playlist so you can listen to the 5 songs and vote for your favorite. On Monday morning I post the Song of the Week with the #Trajectory1 hashtag.

Subscribe to the Spotify playlist and it becomes your weekly source for 5 awesome new alternative music songs.

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