My Top 50 Favorite Albums of All-Time (Part 3 of 5)

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30. Anberlin Cities (2007)


Genre: Alternative Rock

Sometimes I ask myself why I like this band. They are a Christian band and very ‘scene’. Not really my thing but for some reason I really like their music. They have some good material outside this album but I don’t think they will ever be able to top Cities. No skips on this album and you will find yourself drawn into the songs and making personal connections to the lyrics. Cities sounds like an album, with a cool intro and the epic “Fin” to end the album on. I sing along to this album whenever I’m listening to it and lots of air drumming!


29. Alt-JAn Awesome Wave (2012)


Genre: Experimental, Indie Rock, Art Rock, Psychedelic folk

Love them or hate them, Alt-J is pure talent and one of the most unique bands going. This debut album An Awesome Wave sounds like a true album, with an epic intro and interludes scattered through the rest of the album. Instrumentals aside, the rest of the songs are all single-worthy and potential fan favorites. I just think this album is incredible and I can’t wait to hear what this band does next – they have so much potential.

Favorite Tracks:



28. The White StripesWhite Blood Cells (2001)


Genre: Garage Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk Blues

I fell in love with “Fell In Love With a Girl”, the first single off this album, and subsequently bought the album because of the song. I remember thinking that the rest of the album didn’t sound anything like that song and was disappointed. But after a few listens I really got into the album and liked it more each time I heard it. Now I am a huge Jack White fan and love pretty much any music he puts out. In my opinion, this is the best work of his career. If Jack White is not the best, he is one of the best singer-songwriters of my generation.

Favorite tracks:

“Dead Leaves In the Dirty Ground”
“Fell In Love With a Girl”
“I Think I Smell A Rat”


27. PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009)


Genre: Alternative Rock, Synthpop, New Wave

Yeah, this is the album with “1901” and “Lisztomania” on it. Two great songs and the rest of the album it is really killer too. The two instrumental songs gave the album an interesting feel. I never heard of these guys before they struck it big with “1901”. Apparently they have been around for awhile in France. I think they are poised for more great music. Fingers crossed.


26. Black SabbathParanoid (1970)


Genre: Heavy Metal

Containing some of the band’s best-known signature songs and some of my favorite Black Sabbath songs, this album is a must have for any metal lover. What more can be said about Ozzy Osbourne that hasn’t been said already? One of the best rock vocalists of all-time. I think I am going to listen to this album right now actually…

Favorite Tracks:

“Iron Man”
“War Pigs”

25. The DarknessPermission To Land (1999)


Genre: Hard Rock, Glam Metal

The incomparable Darkness. It is so good to have them back together and rockin’ again but there is nothing like the debut release, Permission To Land, which is home to their biggest hits to date and their most complete-sounding album. The 2005 follow up One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back was not nearly as good and the 2012 comeback album Hot Cakes was back to form but still not nearly as good as the debut. The debut album has everything you need for the kind of rock music it is – a few big hits, a few big ballads and a lot of great riffs.


24. Florence + The MachineCeremonials (2011)


Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Baroque Pop, Art Rock, Soul

One of the best and most powerful albums I have ever heard. I am still blown away by this album. What an amazing voice Florence has. Florence + The Machine are prepped to be one of the most popular indie/rock bands going. I highly recommend this album to anyone because I think it has tremendous crossover appeal. Amazing, amazing, amazing! If I were to revisit this list in 10 years to see if any new albums are remarkable enough to shake up the order, I wouldn’t be surprised if this album ends up in the top 15.

Favorite Tracks:

“Only If For A Night”
“Shake It Out”

23. DioHoly Diver (1983)


Genre: Heavy Metal

Ronnie James Dio is one of the best metal vocalists ever. I love the guy, all 5’4” of him. May you R.I.P. my metal brother. Holy Diver is a masterpiece and I thank you for it.

Favorite Tracks:

“Holy Diver”
“Straight Through the Heart”
“Rainbow In The Dark”


22. The MisfitsEarth A.D. (1983)


Genre: Hardcore Punk, Horror Punk

The old Misfits are classic. The ‘new’ Misifts with Michale Graves are good too but how can you say the old stuff with Danzig isn’t their best material? Most bands get more commercial as they age but you can make the argument that the Misfits started out commercial and got more dark and grim with each release, culminating in their masterpiece: Earth A.D. If you like catchier punk rock, definitely check out the material with Michale Graves – American Psycho and Famous Monsters (my second favorite Misfits album).

Favorite tracks:

“Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?”


21. The Hives Tyrannosaurus Hives (2004)


Genre: Post-punk Revival, Garage Punk

I have really liked The Hives ever since they got big in the states. Most people don’t take them seriously, which is understandable. They are pretty wacky but I think a lot of bands from Sweden are pretty wacky. Maybe they feel they have to stand out somehow? Well I think The Hives kick ass and this is a bullet of an album. Their breakout album Veni Vidi Vicious was raw and garage rock-esque. This album is the same but also very polished and concise. They manage to thread the needle! This is another album that I wasn’t crazy about at first but after several listens it grew on me. Fast, fun, rockin’, and unique.

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