My Favorite Iron Maiden Albums From First To Last


See my post The Best Iron Maiden Albums From First To Last if you want to see a more objective list of how Iron Maiden’s 15 studio albums rank. The following list is my personal favorite Iron Maiden albums ranked first to last (well, technically last to first since I want you to scroll down in anticipation). As you will see, I am partial to Maiden’s earlier work but I think every album they have ever released is worth getting into. The point to take home is that every Iron Maiden album is awesome. They are just that damn good!

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(Brave New World and Dance of Death are not on Spotify yet)

15. Virtual XI (1998)


14. The X Factor (1995)


13. A Matter of Life and Death (2006)


12. Fear of the Dark (1992)


11. The Final Frontier (2010)


10. Dance of Death (2003)


9. Brave New World (2000)


8. No Prayer For the Dying (1990)


7. Killers (1981)


6. Piece of Mind (1983)


5. Powerslave (1984)


4. Somewhere In Time (1986)


3. Iron Maiden (1980)


2. The Number of the Beast (1982)


1. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)


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